Local to Global: Provenance Branding and Farmer Co-operation for High Value Export Markets

  • 108 pages

  • Published: 24 Nov 2016

  • Author(s): van Caenegem, William

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Recent research funded by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) highlighted the potential for farmers to improve farm gate returns through both provenance branding and collaboration with other farmers. Building on these findings, this report examines opportunities in export markets, and the legal and regulatory implications of alternative collaborative and provenance brand protection options.

This report places a particular focus upon collaboration around the production, marketing and promotion of high-value, consumer-oriented local food products. Its findings are applicable to producers of fruit, quality vegetables, processed meats and dairy products such as yoghurt and cheese, or beverages such as local whiskeys, beers and ciders.

When these farmers invest in special food and beverages that have a local character and back-story,they can move up the value chain and closer to consumers. This allows them to capture a higher percentage of the final price paid to retailers. To do this effectively, however, farmers must be well-organised with a secure legal footing that is adapted to their plans, their region and their product.