Making Mohair attractive to investors

  • 58 pages

  • Published: 1 Jun 2004

  • Author(s): Chaffey, S J, McGregor, B A

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The cashmere industry is an established small industry exporting rare natural fibre for use in luxury
textiles. The long-term viability and sustainability is threatened by low total production and loss of
breeding stock. This is leading to reduced capacity of goat producers to maintain supply and reduce
overhead costs along the supply chain. The cashmere industry wishes to expand and needs targeted
activities to encourage further production by commercial farmers.
The key areas investigated in this report were:
• The views of cashmere industry personnel, both current and retired;
• The views of potential participants in the cashmere industry; and
• The identification of actions to improve the effectiveness of industry
• recruitment and maintenance of existing participants in the cashmere industry