Market-based tools for environmental management.

  • 216 pages

  • Published: 8 Nov 2004

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The creation of market-like mechanisms to manage environmental outputs at the lowest economic cost will establish a need to build capacity in communities, government and research organisations as to how, when and where these tools should be applied. To meet this need, the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society held a two-day symposium focusing on market-based instruments. Contributors included individual members of the Society, invited speakers and authors of poster papers. Each of these contributors gave a great deal of their time to prepare and present a series of papers of the highest quality which have been collated in this edited volume of proceedings from the symposium. Where papers were not available, or the level of interest merited additional information, the editors have sourced additional papers together with more complete papers from the winners of poster paper prizes at the symposium. 2004, 216pgs.