Markets for Skins and Leather

  • 139 pages

  • Published: 1 Jan 2003

  • Author(s): MacNamara, Kylie, et al

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The report provides insight into the market drivers, market characteristics, and the issues that need to be addressed to increase industry viability. This market knowledge will enable businesses in these industries to better meet customer needs and identify the factors critical to successful market development. A number of case studies are presented which document feedback from along the supply chain and provide insight into what producers and tanneries need to do to improve their quality and therefore market success.

The report includes an overview of the characteristics and supply capabilities for each of the skins, and of the world market in which these industries operate. Detailed in-market research was also conducted in Italy, France, Japan, China and the United States to determine the market requirements and gain feedback on Australian skins and leather. The report also includes a list of recommendations for each skin outlining the future research and market development directions that need to be taken to capitalise on the market findings.