Marron Production Enhancement (A farmer’s lessons learned)

  • 64 pages

  • Published: 6 Jul 2015

  • Author(s): Luckens, John

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The development of new food industries, particularly industries that provide a high commercial value will continue to play a significant role in Australia’s social and economic success.

Marron farming is one such potential industry. Marron is a large freshwater crayfish which will have significant economic value to the farming community when farming systems and brood stock constraints are understood and addressed. Although significant efforts have been made over the years to develop a commercially viable production system and improve brood stock quality, commercial production is not yet assured notwithstanding the efforts of many farmers.

This Report is written by a farmer outlining our endeavours for other farmers who have an interest in marron production, and contributes to the existing background knowledge. The technical language has been kept to a minimum except where academics and collaborators have insisted. It is hoped this Report will also be of value by encouraging other researchers to contribute to the marron industry.