OH&S Managing Grain Production Safely

  • 101 pages

  • Published: 18 Apr 2009

  • Author(s): Farmsafe Australia Grain Production Reference Group

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This package contains safety guidelines and manuals that provide a practical guideline for grain producers, managers and workers to improve and ensure the safety of those who work with grain production and grain handling, and those who are in the vicinity of areas where grain production and handling is being undertaken. It offers guidance on the hazards and risks associated with grain production and handling in the farm setting, and practical guidelines on how to implement effective occupational health and safety (OHS) risk control that will not only reduce or prevent injury, but will assist grain producers to meet OHS regulatory requirements.

Grain production enterprises should use this document in association with the Managing Health and Safety in the Grain Industry risk management package – a practical management tool for implementing OHS in grain production and handling workplace – available on the Farmsafe Australia website www.farmsafe.org.au.

The guideline has been prepared under the direction of the Farmsafe Australia Grain Production Safety Reference Group.