Opportunities for tourism in mammal reintroductions

  • 121 pages

  • Published: 2 Mar 2007

  • Author(s): King, Narelle, Higginbottom, Karen, Baue, Johannes

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Some landholders in Australia are seeking alternatives to traditional farming. One option is to develop wildlife tourism enterprises. The Australian continent has the highest rate of mammal extinctions of any continent in the world. Reintroduction programs are often used to help redress serious declines across species’ former ranges. Some landholders with a personal interest in wildlife have developed or are considering developing tourism enterprises based on reintroductions of threatened native mammals, for economic and conservation reasons.

This publication gives recommendations on how such enterprises can address problems and how government bodies can help facilitate the development of the enterprises. The publication analyses case studies and legislation from Australia and South Africa, published literature from around the world, and intensive field research at two main case study sites in Australia and China.