Our Jockeys: Information pack for practitioners treating jockeys

  • 54 pages

  • Published: 12 Oct 2011

  • Author(s): Jander, Dr Caron Bridget , Greene, Dr David , Warrington, Dr Giles David

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This project forms part of a wider multidisciplinary collaborative study between Australia and Ireland, which investigated the multi-factorial demands placed on jockeys. This project evaluated the physiological, cognitive, health and lifestyle characteristics of jockeys. The stringent demands placed on jockeys’ bodies were found to be of concern. As a result of the research the Directors of the Australian Racing Board have adopted a set of national medical standards.
This  RIRDC report recommends that a network of national medical doctors or fitness to ride medical examiners should be adopted. In the interim the industry will support the development of a training package for those doctors who are examining jockeys. The aim is that with this information the examining doctor will have a better understanding of the inherent requirements of being a jockey.