Processing jackfruit into ready-to-eat products and ingredients

  • 76 pages

  • Published: 20 Jan 2022

  • Author(s): Adam Norris, Leonie van 't Hag, Christopher Su, Edward Attenborough, Edward Buckingham, Owen Perry, Doris Marcsik

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Australian jackfruit production, predominantly located in top end of the Northern Territory (NT) and Far North Queensland (FNQ), has grown little in recent years; however, research has indicated that the industry could reach a gross value of production of $5-$10 million by 2025. The key impediments to growth include the current practice of offering large whole fruit to the market that does not match consumer needs. AgriFutures Australia provided support to the Northern Territory Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade and Monash Food Innovation to explore developing a diverse product array that could drive consumer demand for the fruit and benefit the Australian jackfruit industry.

Understanding and addressing consumer demand can play a significant role in the growth of an industry. Processed jackfruit has the capability to introduce jackfruit to consumers through familiar formats and into new consumption occasions, including snacking, treats, meat alternatives, cooking, and restaurant (business to business) as well as quick and easy meals. Results suggest that Australian consumers are interested in consuming more jackfruit products, but a big barrier is the availability of products. Further validation of consumer acceptance is required through commercial in-store trials.

This report aims to raise the awareness of jackfruit growers, processors, and retailers to the market potential of value-added products from both minimally processed and processed jackfruit applications. There are many opportunities for the Australian jackfruit market to capitalise on the development of these jackfruit products and help to grow the emerging Australian jackfruit industry.