Processing Trees on farms

  • 58 pages

  • Published: 10 Mar 1997

  • Author(s): Hanson, Ian, Stewart, Mark

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Australia has a trade deficit in its forestry products industry with items imported being of higher value than those exported. These products come mainly from native and plantation forests.

It has been agued that farm forests could boost the industry’s output and this report shows how they can be managed to maximise production of valuable lines.

The study examines forests and plantations generally as a resource and looks at the future availability of wood. It surveys the extent of farm forestry plantings and the economic benefits of farm forestry.

The report details processing of individual products such as sawn timber, posts, poles and piles, wood based panels, pulp, paper and paperbound and on-site timber processing.

It takes a close look at current and future markets for forest products, both in Australia and internationally and gives valuable insight into marketing processes.