Production of High Quality Australian Ginseng

  • 44 pages

  • Published: 7 Dec 2012

  • Author(s): Wills, R, Stuart, D

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With the rapidly expanding use of medicinal herbs world-wide, Australia has recognised the
opportunity to become an international supplier of many medicinal herbs. As a relatively high cost
producer nation the economic benefit will come through the cultivation, processing and marketing of
high quality products. High quality in medicinal herbs is the presence of optimal levels of those
constituents which confer a health benefit to consumers.
In order to support development of a high quality medicinal herb industry in Australia, RIRDC has
supported a number of projects under its Essential Oils and Plant Extracts Program.
This report details a project on American ginseng that examines changes in the levels of the
ginsenosides during plant growth, postharvest handling, processing and in marketed-products. The
study identifies a range of options available to maximise the level of active constituents in marketed
The work detailed in the project was conducted with the active support of the Australian Ginseng
Growers Association.