Project snapshot: Improving the detection of parasitic infections and control strategies of horses

  • 10 pages

  • Published: 20 Feb 2024

  • Author(s): Abdul Jabbar, Ghazanfar Abbas

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In Australia, current horse worm (parasite) control practices are based on historical knowledge generated in the northern hemisphere, particularly in Europe and the United States. Over the past 50 years, few studies have investigated horse worms in Australia, and these studies either used a small number of animals or were limited to a specific region. Hence, information about the distribution of equine worms in Australia, as well as worm control practices, is limited.

This project aimed to establish baseline data for detecting and controlling worms in horses, targeting major thoroughbred breeding regions. Control of worms in horses has been primarily based on the regular, interval-based administration of dewormers to most or all horses in a group.

The research revealed the presence of dewormer resistance in horse worms against all known classes of dewormers. Recommendations relate to addressing resistance and effective and economical deworming of horses.