R&D Plan for Integrated Aquaculture Systems, 1999-2004

  • 33 pages

  • Published: 1 May 2000

  • Author(s): Gooley, Geoff

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Based partly on these initiatives, and in recognition of the current global trends towards the integration of aquaculture and irrigated agriculture, the opportunity now exists for Australia to formally establish an Integrated Agri-Aquaculture Systems (IAAS) industry sector at a national level. Such an initiative, however, needs to be underpinned by a comprehensive and well coordinated, nationally prioritised R&D plan, which synthesises the needs of all key stakeholders. Consistent, therefore, with RIRDC’s Five Year Strategic Plan (1997-2002), the development of a national five-year IAAS R&D Plan, as part of the Corporation’s Resilient Agricultural Systems sub-program, is seen as an appropriate means to ensure that future Australian R&D be outcome focused and relevant to key industry needs.