Recycling Solid Waste from the Olive Oil Extraction Process

  • 48 pages

  • Published: 28 Oct 2008

  • Author(s): Nair, Assoc. N.G. Tan, Professor, Markham, Julie, Dr

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The report is about developing an environmentally sustainable system to manage solid waste from the 2- and 3-phase olive oil mill extraction processes. The Australian olive industry has been expanding at the rate of about 9% per annum over recent years. This significant increase in fruit production will result in vast quantities of solid and liquid wastes generated to the detriment of the environment. The industry is therefore faced with the challenge to manage these wastes in order to achieve sustainable production under a clean environment. The research was done over three years at three sites in New South Wales using olive husk waste collected from 2005, 2006 and 2007 harvests. The research work reported here is important because it provides the industry with a tool to recycle processed oil mill waste to improve the health of the crop and the status of the soil.