Reproductive technologies for ratite farming

  • 59 pages

  • Published: 21 Feb 2005

  • Author(s): Malecki, Irek, Dr, Martin, Graeme, Prof

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This publication reviews a series of experiments carried out on emus and ostriches maintained at the University of Western Australia, on farms in Western Australia and at the Klein Karoo
Agricultural Research Centre, Oudtshoorn (South Africa). It analyses data collected in studies of sperm-egg interactions in vivo and in vitro, development of techniques for the assessment of male and female fertility, assessment of sperm quality, development of techniques for semen collection and
artificial insemination, and on the morphology of the ostrich blastoderm before and during incubation.
The results deliver new technologies for measuring fertility and diagnosing infertility, for assessment of efficiency of use of sperm, technologies for the in vitro assessment of sperm function after short and long-term storage, and provides better understanding of the use or development of the behaviour
of emus and ostriches for the purpose of semen collection and artificial insemination. Studies of the ostrich blastoderm have provided a basis for development of blastoderm technology as a new tool for diagnosis of wastage caused by problems with early embryo development.