Research in Progress – Pasture Seeds 2010-11

  • 25 pages

  • Published: 20 Oct 2011

  • Author(s): RIRDC

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RIRDC Pasture Seeds Completed Projects in 2010–2011 and Research in Progress June 2011 contains short summaries of continuing projects as well as those that were completed during 2010–2011. The Pasture Seeds Program aims to deliver R&D To maximise opportunities and minimise risk for a profitable and sustainable pasture seeds industry based on a reputation for reliable supply, domestically and internationally, of a range of quality pasture seeds.

The research objectives for the Pasture Seeds Program are:
1. Industry communication and capacity building
2. Improved seed production and processing technologies
3. Environmental sustainable seed production systems
4. Monitoring, evaluating and adopting emerging sciences and technologies
5. Developing new pasture seeds products, markets and farm systems