Research Summary: Australian Farm Business Performance – insights from effective farm business managers

  • Published: 4 Aug 2015

  • Author(s): Slaughter, Geoff, Glass, Rod, Noble, Christopher, Beattie, Claire

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This national study aims to improve farm business performance through developing a reflective self-assessment tool to assist farmers to evaluate their business performance, and to prioritise strategies and tactics to improve performance. The Farm Management Strategy Tool is based on insights into strategies and tactics used to achieve performance goals from the perceptions of a large and diverse sample of farmers who are seen as relatively successful by their peers and industry leaders. 

This qualitative research project uses case study methodology to identify the thinking behind the strategies and tactics that could contribute to increased profitability. In-depth interviews were conducted with between 6 to 18 participants for each of the five agricultural industries providing a total sample of 80 case studies.