Safari Hunting for Australian Exotic Wild Game

  • 179 pages

  • Published: 1 Aug 2004

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Safari hunting is a form of recreation in which animals are hunted and some form of trophy is taken. The animal species involved are usually those which have a certain cachet, as exemplified by the “Big Five” of southern Africa, or the “South Pacific 15”. The nature of the trophy varies, but it is the “outdoors experience” which is claimed to be the key element, and the taking of an animal is not always a necessary part of the activity. Australia has a variety of exotic wild large animals (camels, deer, buffalo, etc.) and smaller game (e.g. rabbits, hares, and foxes) which are not classified in any list of endangered or threatened animals. This pool of animals is available for commercial or recreational hunting. This publication describes the existing Australian commercial safari hunting industry, to explore the social, legislative and biological environments in which it operates, and to describe international examples of successful commercial hunting industries. This information helps to identify constraints to sustainability and profitability which the industry faces and to formulate appropriate policies for the industry. 2004, Pub. No. 04/108, 178 pp, $26