Salmonella sofia in chickens

  • 58 pages

  • Published: 1 Aug 2001

  • Author(s): Heuzenroeder, M.W., et al

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Contamination of poultry products by bacteria can lead to public health problems, the costs of such occurrences are difficult to quantify but nearly always expensive. Adverse media coverage of the incidence of food poisoning organisms in foods has heightened consumer awareness of food safety. These often uninformed and sensational reports, can unnecessarily affect retail consumption of implicated products.

In view of these problems which face the industry, development of molecularly based rapid typing methods for Salmonella in conjunction with classical methods was initiated in 1985 with CMRDC (Chicken Meat Research and Development Council) funding. These molecular methods can often offer greater discriminating power between human and poultry isolates and can be used for epidemiological studies of disease transmission. In addition, these tools are potentially useful to the industry in litigation cases.