Salt-tolerant Hybrid Eucalypts

  • 83 pages

  • Published: 8 May 2007

  • Author(s): McComb, Jen

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This report describes the production, morphology, selection and seedling growth of hybrids of E. globulus x camaldulensis. It also describes the field performance of E. globulus x camaldulensis seedlings and clones, E. camaldulensis seedlings and clones, and E. globulus seedlings in trials on saline and non-saline sites. In the field, selected hybrids showed better survival than E. globulus on both saline and non saline sites. Further monitoring of growth and survival as the trees increase in biomass is necessary to determine the degree of superiority of the hybrids over the E. globulus. The clones giving the most vigorous growth were the same regardless of whether the site was saline or not, and over a range of rainfall from 432–948mm. Although the hybrids were originally selected for growth in saline areas, they have potential for growth elsewhere.