Seaweed aquaculture governance in Australia

  • 72 pages

  • Published: 15 Feb 2023

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-354-0

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Australia has the potential to create a $1.5 billion seaweed industry over coming decades. Seaweed farming could contribute significantly to Australia’s sustainable development agenda, but this can only be realised with appropriate regulation and management. The Australian Seaweed Industry Blueprint shows that as the seaweed industry develops, policy will need to evolve to ensure the regulatory framework enables the anticipated growth.

This project was initiated to gain a comprehensive understanding of the various governance and policy structures for marine seaweed aquaculture around Australia, and to provide a resource for industry to navigate aquaculture legislation and approval processes in each state and the Northern Territory.

The report provides commentary from an industry perspective on the strengths and gaps in seaweed aquaculture governance nationally, and details recommendations on development needs. Recommendations include the development of national policy on seaweed aquaculture in marine water, and support for wild and aquaculture seedstock supply via a national seaweed hatchery network. The report also highlights the importance of a science-based, adaptive policy approach.