Separation Distances for Broiler Farms: Verifying methods including the effects of thermal buoyancy

  • 318 pages

  • Published: 24 Jun 2010

  • Author(s): Dunlop, M., Duperouzel, D., Pott, L.

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Meat chicken farms are often built close to feed supply and meat processing infrastructure, with associated markets and labour force. Positioning poultry farms close to essential infrastructure usually means that the farms are also close to urban and rural-residential developments.
Close proximity of neighbours to poultry farms can result in adverse impacts, primarily due to odour. Odour impacts are recognised as an issue by the Australian chicken meat industry and are most effectively minimised through the provision of adequate separation distance between farms and neighbours, which allows odour dispersion.
This RIRDC report looks at how appropriate separation distances may be determined.