Testing and Breeding Forest Trees for Plantations in the Northern Territory

  • 86 pages

  • Published: 30 Oct 2007

  • Author(s): Reilly, D.F., Robertson, R.M., D. G. Nikles,, D. G. Nikles,

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This report is about research to identify and improve forest trees for sawlog production in the Top End (1000-1800 mm rainfall zone) of the Northern Territory (NT). The report outlines the successful establishment of four trials to test species and provenance performance, and to establish breeding and seed production orchards. The species trials test a wide range of eucalypt, acacia, hybrid and exotic species. Seed orchards were established for red mahogany Eucalyptus pellita and African mahogany Khaya senegalensis. Early results for growth and species performance are given for the species-provenance trials.