The Prospect of Commercialising Boab Roots as a Vegetable

  • 29 pages

  • Published: 1 Mar 2002

  • Author(s): Johnson, P.R, Robinson, C., Green, E.

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Current consumer trends are looking for a more diverse range of products. This has spurred an increasing interest in native Australian foods leading to a number of small-scale successes in developing new food products based on native flora species.

A number of annual and perennial native species have the potential to be commercialised as vegetable crops with the possibility of mainstream horticulture production.

This publication examines the potential for commercialising one of the well-known native flora species from the Kimberley the Boab tree Adansonia gregorii. It examines the indigenous uses, analysis the chemical composition and examines the results of small-scale agronomic trials. A preliminary economic evaluation of its commercial potential has been produced.