United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Telling Australia’s Rural Industries Story

  • 49 pages

  • Published: 2 Jul 2020

  • Author(s): KPMG

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-101-0

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This study explores the application, relevance, and potential opportunities posed by the United National Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for Australia’s rural industries. Leveraging the SDG framework to enhance the sustainability credentials of Australia’s rural industries presents a compelling narrative to strengthen our global competitiveness on the international stage.

The SDGs are increasingly viewed as the internationally accepted language for measuring and reporting business, industry and country-level sustainability credentials. Individually, we know that Australia’s rural industries are working hard and making significant investments to advance their sustainability outcomes. However, the level of maturity in SDG alignment and reporting varies considerably across industries.

This study, undertaken by KPMG, explores how agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries are implementing the SDGs and whether opportunity exists to act collectively to improve Australia’s position on the UN’s global SDG Index.