Using Antimicrobial Proteins to Control Necrotic Enteritis in Meat chickens

  • 45 pages

  • Published: 25 Feb 2009

  • Author(s): Sheedy, S., Moore, R.

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This RIRDC report details research undertaken to provide proof-of-principle evidence that appropriately engineered benign bacteria could be used as live vectors to deliver an antimicrobial peptide to the gut of chickens. Such a product could be used to control the clinical symptoms and production implications of necrotic enteritis.

It outlines, in some technical detail, the molecular biology work that has been carried out towards the development of an alternative control strategy for necrotic enteritis. As such it is mainly targeted at the scientific community who may find the approaches we have taken interesting and useful and may be able to suggest ways of overcoming the hurdles that have been encountered.