What motivates rural men to improve their health status?

  • 86 pages

  • Published: 1 Oct 2000

  • Author(s): Aoun, Samar, Dr, Johnson, Ms Lyn

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To improve the health of rural men, the relationship of several intertwined factors are explored through this project: the reluctance of men to confront health issues proactively; the role of general practitioners in preventive care and their capacity for education and support for rural men; the appropriateness of the worksite as a venue to facilitate men’s access to advice on health matters; and the application of a health promotion model likely to encourage positive action towards improved health. The present study has been designed to incorporate these components with a focus on a specific health problem which is the fifth major health priority in Australia, diabetes, by bringing an education and screening program to rural industries. For men identified at high risk, referral to a general practitioner provided them with a simple first step they can take towards improving their health status.