Commercial development of export markets for emerging skin industries phase 2

OLD ABN-The State Of Queensland Acting Through The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation

  • Project code: PRJ-000082

  • Project stage: Closed

  • Project start date: Monday, December 1, 2008

  • Project completion date: Thursday, December 30, 2010

  • National Priority: NAP-Provide new and developing animal industries with regular and up-to-date market assessments


New and Emerging Animal Industries

Research Organisation

OLD ABN-The State Of Queensland Acting Through The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation

Objective Summary

This project aims to build on the previous work by addressing key issues that will enable the crocodile industry to develop its capacity and reputation as a supplier of premium quality crocodile skins.

The Australian crocodile industry is currently in the early stages of development and further work is required along the export supply chain to improve the capacity of the Australian industry to supply crocodile skins to the requirements of export buyers. Market education is also deemed critical to improve the understanding of the charcterstics and benefits of crocodylus porosus skin to mitigate competition from other crocodilian species and maintain its premium position in export markets.

The transfer of production and processing knowledge between Australian crocodile producers and international skin processors is critical in meeting the stringent quality specifications required for crocodile skins. This knowledge transfer is expected to act as a catalyst for production, packaging and logistics systems associated with crocodile skins to be further tailored to provide skins to meet export customers requirements.

Through the above activities, this project is expected to achieve the following: Increase the quality and quantity of skins produced for export customers; Increase the industry’s ability to further penetrate export markets and diversify its customer base; Foster communication and collaboration in the supply chain both within the Australian crocodile industry and between the Australian industry and export customers to improve the efficiency of production and export logistics systems associated with crocodile skins.

Strong interest has been expressed by an Italian fashion house, Austrade and crocodile producers to work together to capitalise on business opportunities for first grade crocodylus porosus skins.