Development of strategic RD&E Plan for the Australian Murray Cod industry

Lotic Consulting

  • Project code: PRO-015288

  • Project stage: Closed

  • Project start date: Thursday, June 10, 2021

  • Project completion date: Friday, October 29, 2021

  • National Priority: NEI - New and Emerging Industries - M1


Murray cod (Maccullochella peeli peeli)  is species that has the potential to achieve GVP of $10M over the next five years. Production increases in recent years are primarily due to agricultural diversification on irrigated cropping farms, and interest has been fuelled by historically high prices. As the industry grows, however, it will need to build capacity to increase productivity and develop new markets. Fundamental to success will be an industry-endorsed plan to guide investment in research and development.

The project involves undertaking a literature review to collate information from earlier work, and a series of targeted interviews with producers and other key stakeholders (trade buyers, researchers, and agencies) to understand the sector’s challenges and opportunities. A situational analysis will be produced. Drawing on the experiences of other sectors, advice from governments, funding agencies, and the research community, key themes will be identified and an industry workshop will be held to confirm research and development priorities and identify the actions and partners needed to address them. 

At the conclusion of the project:

  • The sector will have an agreed 5-year research and development plan to support industry growth.
  • RD&E providers, governments, and other stakeholders will understand the sector’s RD&E priorities and be able to work with the sector to design solutions.
  • Better communication, participation, and collaboration from Murray Cod producers toward the sustainable management and development of the sector.


New and Emerging Industries

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Lotic Consulting

Objective Summary

To provide the Murray Cod industry stakeholders and AgriFutures Australia with a 5-year Strategic RD&E Plan that outlines the key constraints and opportunities for growth within the Murray Cod industry, including key RD&E investment priorities and recommendations to further enhance industry growth.