Development of the Honey Bee & Pollination Program 2024 RD&E Snapshot

RM Consulting Group Pty Ltd

  • Project code: PRO-019024

  • Project stage: Current

  • Project start date: Wednesday, March 27, 2024

  • Project completion date: Saturday, June 29, 2024

  • National Priority: HBE-Increase capacity within research community and future industry leaders


RMCG is pleased to submit this proposal to develop a RD&E Snapshot for the Honey Bee and Pollination Program. We understand the Snapshot is a vital platform to demonstrate how research, development and extension (RD&E) conducted by the Program can support industry productivity, profitability and sustainability. We will work with AgriFutures, Advisory Panel members and researchers, and use our experience in effectively communicating levy-funded research to producers, to ensure the Snapshot meets industry needs. 


We will translate scientific research into newspaper-style articles which can be easily understood by industry. Case studies of producers who have benefited from research projects will be incorporated where possible. The final Snapshot will be delivered in the AgriFutures (Microsoft Word) template. RMCG’s team includes:

  • Dimi Kyriakou – Dimi is a journalist with expertise in content development for traditional and online publications, particularly sharing the results of levy investments to growers.
  • Atalaya Ferrari – Atalaya is a scientific researcher and understands how to convey technical information effectively, having created fact sheets for the agricultural industry and published academic research. 
  • Dr Kristen Stirling – Kristen has extensive experience in communicating complex technical information in a practical, easy to understand way, including development of fact sheets, case studies, videos and websites.

We can deliver this project by the required deadline for $10,790 (ex.GST). Given the project scope, we believe this investment reflects the time required to produce a quality product. We are open to negotiating with AgriFutures to agree on an appropriate fee for this project.


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