Industry Development Framework for AgriFutures’ Emerging Industries

Mandalay Pastoral Consulting Pty Ltd

  • Project code: PRO-017001

  • Project stage: Current

  • Project start date: Sunday, March 5, 2023

  • Project completion date: Thursday, November 30, 2023

  • National Priority: NEI - New and Emerging Industries - SM1


Having designed and developed the industry development framework (IDF) for AgriFutures, I am delighted to put forward an application to continue to build out and deploy the framework across the entire emerging industry (EI) portfolio. I have designed and retrofitted the IDF for three EI’s so far, Sesame, Hazelnut and Industrial Hemp, which has given me somewhat of an unfair advantage and insight into what a successful approach and project needs to be. There was much trial and error, and a great deal of learnings taken from the three EI’s as each industry is vastly different, therefore needing far more a bespoke design around the core scaffolding and framework. Crucially a strong relationship must be forged with the industry champion(s). They need to trust you and relate to you, feeling comfortable in sharing insight and intel while knowing you are  in their corner with everyone wanting to see industry growth and success. Given my role as mediator of the EI RD&E seminars, and my engagement with the Australian agricultural sector, I have an existing relationship with the industry champion(s) which has only further developed during the three IDFs I have so far delivered. Lastly, my experience over the past decade in venture capital and emerging companies (startups) has given me a great lens for due diligence and analysis of EI’s, as well commercialisation strategy. The design of the IDF was to highlight strengths and weaknesses, gaps and opportunities, then provide granular feedback and thus a roadmap towards funding.


New and Emerging Industries

Research Organisation

Mandalay Pastoral Consulting Pty Ltd

Objective Summary

This project will deliver the following outcomes or benefits:

  • Clear understanding of the health, future potential and barriers to growth of each target industry, as assessed against the criteria defined in the IDF.
  • Greater definition of the opportunities/gaps for each of the target emerging industries, in relation to RD&E, and also non RD&E activities.
  • Industry and other interested stakeholders provisioned with information, qualitative and quantitative data across the functional areas of the IDF, which will aid investment decisions including in future RD&E projects.
  • A Foundational IDF that aligns with our 2022-2027 AgriFutures Australia Research and Innovation Strategic Plan priorities and will be a source of data for key areas of the Emerging Industry Program including the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, and Communication Plans.
  • A baseline of information and data that will allow for ongoing monitoring of industry performance over time, through ongoing assessment. This will provide a clear indication of the success of industry plans and assist AgriFutures to determine if future support is justified.