Low Cost IoT and Energy Nexus for the Northern Rivers Macadamia Producers

Sustainable Horticulture

  • Project code: PRO-016099

  • Project stage: Closed

  • Project start date: Monday, May 16, 2022

  • Project completion date: Tuesday, May 16, 2023

  • National Priority: AFI - AgriFood Innovation


This project shows that low cost technology options are available that can be scaled so that they have some control over costs. This project will increase farmers confidence in the regionals local supplier and enable a point of call for trusted advice. The delivery of information and resources will lift the interest of our network being a group of 100 sites who also produce crops outside of macadamias such as pecans, custard apples and livestock. The information provided will build the knowledge base of growers using a mix of entry level and technical pieces. The project will highlight what technology might suit currently and raise awareness of additional technology that could suit a particular application. The one on one site visits can alleviate questions in a private manner and really target individuals as everyone has a different level of knowledge and style of learning. The workshop can help producers engage with each there to talk about were they are with there adoption journey.


AgriFood Innovation

Research Organisation

Sustainable Horticulture

Objective Summary

The small introductory level approach will help build knowledge for growers and lead in nicely to the recently announced NSW governments farms of the future program for the region that offers upcoming additional grant funding for farms to implement solutions onsite. Further this places them in good stead to access the federal governments 120% tax rebate and hit the ground running when the time comes. I expect to see raised awareness of the low cost entry level technology types that directly suits the low tech growers while at the same time highlighting scalability and other options that might suit larger industry. Along with the Increased understanding of the energy nexus and importance of reductions in carbon emissions from the uptake of solar systems and how to correctly size to meet there consumption needs reduce capital expenditure and increase profit. The streamlined information will assist in reducing the time and frustration around finding disconnected resources.