Nuffield Scholarship for Australian Chicken Meat Grower Robert Nichols 2011

Nuffield Australia

  • Project code: PRJ-004055

  • Project stage: Closed

  • Project start date: Thursday, March 31, 2011

  • Project completion date: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

  • National Priority: CME-Priority 5-Building people, capability and a diverse and sustainble workforce


The Chicken Meat Program is providing funding for a Nuffield Scholarship for Robert Nichols for 2011. Scholars gain a thorough understanding of the global influences acting on their industries and build capacity to deal with new opportunities and change within their industry and personal business.


Chicken Meat

Research Organisation

Nuffield Australia

Objective Summary

To build the capacity of the chicken meat sector to overcome the challenges of a global and internationally competitive environment through the provision of support for one Nuffield Farming Scholarship for Robert Nichols. The scholarship comprises both organised and individual study components.