Smart Farm Dashboard

Corinda State High School

  • Project code: PRO-016107

  • Project stage: Closed

  • Project start date: Monday, May 16, 2022

  • Project completion date: Tuesday, May 16, 2023

  • National Priority: AFI - AgriFood Innovation


Expand our micro climate sensors to build a more comprehensive farm picture by July 2022.Build and Deploy more Dendrometers on trees in our citrus orchard to monitor and track plant health by July 2022.Expand and further develop our NDVI sensors and collaborate with UNSW with their Satellite NDVI project. this would include designing and building on ground plant meters to collaborate this data in the field Term 3 2022.Develop more sensors for the collection of data in the Green house on plant growth and mass Term 4 2022.Purchase and deploy multiple soil sensors both in our paddocks and our market gardens to monitor soil moisture across the farm adding to the data already collected. by the end of 2022. We currently have one sap flow sensor but we would love to purchase and deploy more to study the water uptake and health of some of the farms larger trees by the end of2022. The final part is finalizing our school dashboard and smart Farm server to continually display and analyse the Farm data with the aim of developing AI to support farm outputs.


AgriFood Innovation

Research Organisation

Corinda State High School

Objective Summary

Highly engaged and farm Tech savvy students ready to tack on the Agricultural challenges of the future. We hope to continue to develop partnerships with industry and universities to build strong pathways for our students into the Agricultural technology industry.