Statistical analysis for decisions on feeding trial experiments in PRJ-000518

Bush Futures

  • Project code: PRJ-004669

  • Project stage: Closed

  • Project start date: Wednesday, June 10, 2009

  • Project completion date: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

  • National Priority: FCR-Continued access to export markets


To prepare a statistical analysis which will assist RIRDC in their decisions around the feeding trial experiments by Sarah Pain and Dean Revell (“Fodder Quality Specifications: Identifying Predictors of Preference Between Hays”, RIRDC Project No UA-64A, June 2007).


Export Fodder

Research Organisation

Bush Futures

Objective Summary

i. Provide a reanalysis of Pain&Revell stats.
ii. Integrate Pain&Revell and Gilmac studies and draw key conclusions for hay industry.
iii. Report back to RIRDC in lay terms how to proceed (two page brief)
iv. Final report to RIRDC.