Tea Tree Oil – Communication of RD&E

Tony Larkman

  • Project code: PRJ-008880

  • Project stage: Closed

  • Project start date: Thursday, May 30, 2013

  • Project completion date: Saturday, May 31, 2014

  • National Priority: TTO-Extension, sustainability and human capital


1. The tea tree industry in Australia requires ongoing monitoring and communication/extension for the following:

i. Regulatory issues arising in all major export destinations (US, EU, Asia) as well as in Australia.
ii. New literature published globally in Journals and other publications that assist interested parties to undertake literature reviews in a single resource.
iii. Monitoring, managing and updating as required Minor Use Permits (MUP) issued from time to time by the APVMA for all pesticides used in tea tree plantations.
iv. Provision of monthly Member Newsletters to ensure that any new or emerging R&D developments pertinent to the industry are communicated in a format that is easily retrieved by members. In addition Industry Factsheets will be created and made available to ATTIA members for inclusion in marketing/educational communications to their customers.

2. The industry also needs to have a full review of the current Code of Practice (COP) document. This will include a full evaluation of the existing (2005) document including a revision to make it more user friendly and where feasible realignment of criteria to better reflect emerging Quality Assurance issues facing the industry in export destinations.

3. Extension in the form of farm visits by Tony Larkman both in Far North Queensland (FNQ) and in NSW are also needed to identify present and future RD&E needs for the industry. Timely analysis, coordination and communication of these issues will ensure that a proactive rather than reactive approach to RD&E is achieved and results are communicated effectively to all stakeholders.

4. Coordination and provision of an annual Field Day/Symposium for ATTIA members, other interested parties and invited speakers immediately prior to ATTIA’s AGM will also be undertaken.


Tea Tree Oil

Research Organisation

Tony Larkman

Objective Summary

1. Monitoring and communication of RD&E to industry participants of developments in:
i) Regulatory affairs that may impact on the TTO supply chain
ii) New literature published in Journals and in other publications
iii) MUP’s for pesticides including where possible consolidation into a single permit for TT plantations.
iv) Publication of 18 monthly ATTIA Newsletters which will be posted to the Members section of the ATTIA website for downloading.

2. Publication and release of a fully revised and more user-friendly COP for growers and traders to ensure seamless supply of QA pure Australian TTO to both local and international customers.

3. Extension visits to ATTIA members as required to identify, analyse and communicate RD&E needs to ensure a proactive approach to assist in managing emerging issues.

4. Provision of a Field Day/Symposium providing an opportunity for ATTIA members and other interested parties to develop networking connections and foster communication.