Water purification & treatment options – a review

The University of Queensland

  • Project code: PRJ-010995

  • Project stage: Closed

  • Project start date: Monday, August 13, 2018

  • Project completion date: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

  • National Priority: CME-Priority 1-Improving environmental sustainability outcomes


This project has three primary objectives: i) to deliver a review on the available and practically relevant water purification and treatment options for on-farm and processing applications; ii) to assist AgriFutures to develop a framework and benchmark targets for a global best practice in water recycling in poultry operations; and iii) to develop effective R&D strategies that will enable processors to reach these targets and demonstrate efficient resource management and sustainability, whilst maintaining food safety and delivery of the highest quality product.
While water recycling options are increasingly being implemented across many industries, and occasionally also in poultry operations, a strategic and well-structured approach is crucial in this area to ensure successful and sustained implementation across the sector that maximizes the achievable benefits within a well-defined risk management structure. Recent advances in technologies and operating strategies for water recycling have initiated the uptake of safe and economic solutions across many food and beverage industries. The poultry industry, with its large water footprint, can potentially gain substantial economic and operational benefits from such an approach. The proposed work builds on previous research and investment by AgriFutures, published literature, state legislation and a directly relevant study-case (Inghams poultry, Murarrie QLD).
This project will take a broad, strategic look at the opportunities and constraints for improved water efficiencies at farms and processing using diverse water recovery options, and define an R&D framework that will support the industry to identify and implement such solutions while managing the potential risks effectively.


Chicken Meat

Research Organisation

The University of Queensland

Objective Summary

The objectives of this project are:
– Review water purification and treatment options/techniques with particular relevance for on-farm and processing applications.
– Define the present and likely future legislative environment across the different Australian states for water and wastewater management.
– Propose a framework for future innovation and research in water management across the poultry sector.