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‘George the Farmer’ founder Simone Kain talks Bluey, staying motivated and what she’s doing now

The 2017 Rural Women’s Award National Runner-up reflects on her journey – despite challenges, her determination remains unwavering.

5 min read


A superfood renaissance down under: AgriFutures Australia announces new research plan for the quinoa industry

Known for its ancient origins and impressive nutritional profile, quinoa has not only captured the attention of health-conscious consumers globally, but also that of Australian farmers.

4 min read


Belle Binder wins Tasmanian AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award

The winner of the 2024 Tamanian AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award has been named as Belle Binder, for her innovative approach to farm work, providing continuous employment for locals and backpackers as they traverse the agricultural landscapes of Tasmania.

3 min read


Tanya Egerton wins Northern Territory AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award

Tanya Egerton has been named the winner of the 2024 Northern Territory AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award for her sustainable, ethical, and culturally-focused Indigenous enterprise, the Remote OpShop Project.

3 min read