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Report calls for a crucial new perspective on career opportunities in agriculture

A new report released by AgriFutures Australia aims to understand the perceptions, knowledge and awareness of NSW teachers and careers advisors of agricultural careers and explores the support and resources needed to provide high quality and accurate advice to secondary school students.

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Brewing new opportunities for Australia’s emerging coffee industry

Australians love their coffee, with more than six billion cups consumed annually.

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GOAT FIBRE / 21.11.23

Future Fibre Farming: Transforming Australia’s goat fibre industry

The AgriFutures Australian goat fibre extension and industry development program has just been launched with the aim of transforming the hobbyist niche into a mainstream commercial animal fibre.

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How to break down the barriers to carbon farming

In findings that could have a profound impact on the understanding of how farmers approach carbon management, research funded by AgriFutures Australia has found they are less motivated by the allure of carbon credits than the improvement to farm productivity that comes from increasing soil organic carbon.

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