evokeAG program announced


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Royal Exhibition Building

Radical foods will be a key item on the menu as evokeAG, the agrifood tech event releases its inaugural program.

Are we ready to start consuming meals from the lab instead of the paddock? With scientists working towards producing finless fish and chickenless eggs, this dilemma could soon be a reality.

This is just one of the many topics that will be discussed with a number of world class experts at evokeAG, to be held in Melbourne in February 2019. The trail-blazing, two-day event run by AgriFutures Australia will look at the important role Australia will play in creating and transforming the foods and farms of tomorrow.

Under the theme of `Food Farm Future’, the newly released program will include masterclasses, breakout sessions, industry speakers and support for start-ups and agrifood tech businesses. Emerging new industries across the agrifood tech spectrum will also be discussed such as the role of robotics in farming, solutions for the water crisis and why we could one day be serving up a plate of grasshoppers instead of steak as an alternative protein.

AgriFutures Australia, General Manager, Communications and Capacity Building Belinda Allitt, said the global event will bring together leading experts to discuss just what future generations will consume and how it will be produced.

“The timing of this event coincides with one of the toughest droughts ever faced in Australia and we know that science and technology could play an important role in finding a solution,” she said.

“The evokeAG program has been almost a year in the making and we can confirm it will be the most dynamic agrifood tech event that Australia has seen. We will challenge the conventions of how we think about what we eat and the ethics and impact of those choices. The sessions are thought-provoking, urgent and will ignite conversations that every single person and organisation involved in agrifood tech should be having.”

Over two days, 50 guest speakers will take to the stage to discuss topics such as the popularity of nutrition, health and wellness markets, advances in wine production, the role of genetics and cell biology in agrifoods, robotics, global venture capital investments plus insight into the buying trends of Millennials and Gen Z.

There will also be a focus on alternatives to traditional agricultural methods and why we need to evolve our farming practices. Systems such as `vertical farms’ where empty warehouses are used to plant crops instead of paddocks could become a future source of fresh produce in urban areas. State-of-the-art farms are already being trialled in the US and have been able to achieve higher yields per square metre but with 95 percent less water.

Another dynamic element of the two-day event will be the Pitch Tent forum where both Australian and international producers and startups will vie for a slice of the $35,000 and in-kind prize pool as they pitch their problems and ideas to national and global thought leaders.

Ms Allitt believes there is genuine international interest in what’s happening here in Australia.

“As a nation, we are a trusted producer of foods and innovations and evokeAG will serve to further enhance our knowledge to lead in this rapidly evolving sector. Whether you’re a farmer, an entrepreneur, an investor, a startup, a technology expert, a business owner or are just passionate about what’s next for Australian agriculture, evokeAG is for you.”

evokeAG 2019 will take place in Melbourne at the iconic Royal Exhibition Building on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 February 2019.

For full details of the evokeAG 2019 program including key national and international speakers and to take advantage of the 25% discount on early bird tickets (at $825 per person) available until Sunday 11 November, visit www.evokeag.com

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