Harbouring a growing passion for agriculture and rural communities


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Elizabeth Argue

To celebrate International Day of Rural Women, we are shining a light on some of the incredible women from regional, rural and remote parts of Australia who we get to work with at AgriFutures Australia. One of these incredible women is Elizabeth Argue.

Born and raised on her family’s beef cattle property on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Elizabeth Argue has been harbouring a growing passion for agriculture and rural communities, encouraged by the young people and women who shape these communities. It is this passion which led to her receiving the AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship in 2020.

“In 2018 I commenced a Bachelor of Agriculture and Business majoring in Marketing at University of New England to provide myself with the foundation to build a strong career in which I can positively contribute to growing sustainable, resilient rural communities and become an educated advocate for the industry,” said Elizabeth.

“I am also passionate about education as I see it to be the most valuable tool to advance industries and individuals’ potential. Therefore, by educating myself further in a field I am passionate about, I aspire to effectively share this love with others, particularly young people and open doors for them as others have for me.”

“I have also looked to broaden my horizons by taking every opportunity to travel and experience agriculture across Australia and abroad, from working on an extensive cattle station in Queensland to experiencing life in a rural village along the Mekong river. From these experiences I recognise the essential role agriculture and the resilient individuals within the industry play in developing and providing for communities.”

For Elizabeth, opportunity has never been limited by her gender and she is excited about the prospect of stepping into a career in agriculture as a young woman.

“Growing up as a fourth-generation grazier I was never told I could not do anything my cousins or Dad could do and was always supported to chase whatever dreams I had,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Argue

“Through joining various agricultural committees, rural groups, organising and attending events, I have come to realise that in what was a traditionally male dominated industry, overwhelmingly opportunities are being taken up by women. These women are not only participants in these events, but are actively leading, organising, chairing and dominating many of these agricultural committees and events which is a welcoming and encouraging experience.”

“From my experience thus far in the industry, if you give a woman a mould she will not only break it, but she will create her own and shatter any glass ceilings she can on the way there.”

“I am incredibly grateful to the women who have already supported my journey into the industry and believe that among the many roles women will play in agriculture, one of the most important roles they will play, and one I hope to play, is to be a role model for younger generations and open doors for them into the industry as women have before me.”

International Day of Rural Women

We have launched a hashtag #hatsofftoruralwomen across our social media channels and encourage you to use this hashtag and share the stories of the rural, regional and remote women you work with and the reasons why they inspire you.

For more information about the United Nations’ International Day of Rural Women, please visit: https://www.un.org/en/observances/rural-women-day

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