Horizon Scholarship ‘Unconference’: bright minds leading to a bright future


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For the second year in a row, we made the decision to move the Horizon Scholarship Workshop online. Instead of another traditional virtual conference, we turned the workshop on its head – with a workshop facilitated by the Horizon Scholars. And we called it the ‘Horizon Scholarship Unconference’.

The workshop was all about bringing everyone together and using the skills, experience, and ideas of our Horizon Scholars to create a truly memorable event.

The Scholars set the agenda, they hosted the sessions, they chose the topics, and they nominated themselves as speakers or facilitators.

It was held from Monday, 11 October to Wednesday, 13 October with 23 engaging and varied sessions across three days. It was great to hear the scholars come together to share knowledge, ask questions, collaborate and tackle some of the big issues in agriculture.

The scholars covered everything from consumer perceptions of agriculture to climate change, carbon farming, the role of women in agriculture and even emotionally intelligent conversations and the importance of having them.

At the conclusion of the Horizon Scholarship Unconference we asked the scholars to share a few headlines that could capture what was covered in the Unconference, and here is what they said:

  • “Giving carbon more credit”
  • “Australia’s future young leader come together to tackle climate change”
  • “Solving the producer/consumer gap”
  • “Bright minds leading to a bright future for Australian agriculture”
  • “GMO’s: stop or go?”
  • “Healthy land, healthy hands”
  • “Vaccinating away climate change”
  • “More than just farming: from water mapping to emotionally intelligent conversations”
  • “Seaweed and sequestration: carbon currency”
  • “Consumer knows best… apparently”
  • “Increasing resilience in agriculture will need an interdisciplinary approach”
  • “Ag production is getting beefed up”
  • “Emotionally intelligent conversations: why no one needs your advice”

You can check out the Horizon Scholarship Unconference recordings below.

Watch the Horizon Scholarship Unconference

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