Queensland’s 2020 Rural Women’s Award State Finalists


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Four incredible women from across Queensland have been selected as the state’s 2020 Rural Women’s Award finalists.


Samantha Meurant


Samantha is passionate about women being able to run their business no matter their location. She is the founder of The Rural Compass, a podcast interviewing and sharing the inspiring stories of rural business women across the country. The Rural Compass has allowed her to create an extensive network and community of like-minded rural women.

Samantha will use the Westpac bursary to further develop a nationwide online directory for all rural, regional and remote businesses. The easy to list directory will allow businesses to list for free while also pointing people in the direction of purchasing and hiring from rural businesses.



Queensland 2020 Rural Women's Award finalist, Kerrie Sagnol


Kerrie Sagnol


Kerrie profoundly believes rebuilding soil health is vital to regenerating farm businesses, rural communities, human wellness, and the environment. She finds unlimited inspiration through her role at Resource Consulting Services, where she works with farmers committed to bettering land and lives through regenerative agriculture.

Kerrie will use the Westpac bursary to develop a foundational level online course, designed as a confidence-building entry point into understanding and reviving soil. In addition, she will undertake a ‘knowledge gathering mission’, researching how world-leading farmers are implementing practices on-ground, sharing that information directly to clients and via freely accessible online case studies.


Elisha Parker


Elisha is a co-founder of Cattlesales.com.au, an executive of agricultural advocacy initiative A True Story and a lawyer.

Elisha will use the Westpac bursary to extend the capabilities of the online Cattlesales marketing and advertising platform to offer interactive catalogue hosting for stud stock bull, female and special sales and auctions is aimed at benefiting and boosting the Australian cattle industry nationwide.

The project will provide buyers with a practical, informative and enhanced buying experience on one central site, and also provides greater market exposure and financial return for vendors, studs and livestock agents. This innovative tool will be custom built and will revolutionise stud stock sale pre-marketing adding to the digital advancement of industry.


Queensland 2020 Rural Women's Award finalist, Elisha Parker


Queensland 2020 Rural Women's Awrard finalist, Kay Tommerup


Kay Tommerup


Kay is a dairy farmer who is passionate about reconnecting consumers with where their food comes from and how their purchasing choices make a real difference to everyone.

She is the co-founder of Tommerup’s Dairy Farm, an agritourism business developed more than a decade ago to ensure the farm’s future through tourism and value-adding. She is future-proofing this 6th generation dairy farm so it can exist and thrive in a time when many don’t.

Kay will use the Westpac bursary to underscore rural economies with sustainable practice, products and marketing, ensuring farmers can be paid fairly through authentic connections and consumer support.

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