Thoroughbred Horses open call for researchers


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As part of its commitment to thriving rural industries, AgriFutures Australia has commenced a research open call for preliminary RD&E proposals to address the priorities of the Australian thoroughbred industry.

The AgriFutures Australia Thoroughbred Horses program recently became a levied industry in September 2017, with the aim to support priority research, development and extension activities to address thoroughbred industry challenges and opportunities. The open call is a first for the new program, which has recently established a five-year Interim Thoroughbred Horses RD&E Plan.

AgriFutures Australia, Research and Innovation Program Manager, Dr Melanie Bradley said the open call is fundamental for the overall benefit of the industry.

“This is a chance for the AgriFutures™ Thoroughbred Horses program to identify and fund research that addresses critical issues for Australian thoroughbred breeders such as improving foal health and development, reducing the impact of diseases and parasites on horse health and performance and improving horse welfare,” said Dr Bradley.

“The first open call for the program is an exciting opportunity for researchers to engage with Australia’s world-leading thoroughbred industry and to support AgriFutures Australia’s aim of delivering practical knowledge and innovation for industry members.”

The AgriFutures™ Thoroughbred Horses program is looking to fund research that address one of the short term goals specified under the six objectives in the RD&E Plan:

  1. Continue to improve breeding outcomes and foal health and development
  2. Reduce the incidence and impact of diseases and parasites in horses
  3. Improve the safety of industry participants and the welfare of horses and enhance the sustainability of the industry
  4. Promote education and training for the horse industry through opportunities for training researchers and by effective communication of RD&E to horse industry stakeholders
  5. Industry planning, economic benefit studies and market research
  6. Reduce injury and breakdown of horses in work and training.

This is an exciting opportunity for researchers to contribute to the newly-formed Thoroughbred Horses RD&E program.

Researchers are strongly advised to contact AgriFutures Australia prior to submitting a Preliminary Research Proposal.

AgriFutures™ Thoroughbred Horses open call


Fast facts:

  • The AgriFutures™ Thoroughbred Horses program open call closes 5.00pm (AEDT) 19 February 2018
  • The Australian thoroughbred industry is a world leader with 21,500 broodmares and 700 stallions (second only to America in terms of numbers).
  • AgriFutures™ has undertaken R&D for the broader horse industry since 1995
  • The recently introduced levy is expected to collect $400, 000 from the industry per annum.


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