Webinars to deliver R&E outcomes to the chicken meat industry


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COVID-19 has challenged how we conduct research, communicate with our peers and facilitate adoption of research outcomes by industry. Rising to the challenge the AgriFutures Chicken Meat Extension team have hosted a series of webinars to deliver project information and outcomes to the broader chicken meat industry.

Rachele Osmond, Senior Poultry Extension Officer said that while the travel restrictions due to the COVID pandemic were the catalyst to starting the webinars, they have found that by using this platform they’ve reached people that would not normally attend traditional face-to-face activities.

‘We have held webinars based on various themes that correspond with the AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program’s key focus areas and objectives. So far we have held webinars on water and energy, litter and reduced protein diets.’

‘The webinars generally go for an hour over lunch time so people can listen in while they have a break. The other advantage of these webinars is that we are recording them and placing them online for people to view when it’s convenient. As we are covering such a wide range of topics, there should be something of interest for everyone.’

Information and registration details of the webinars, can be found on the extensionAUS Chicken Meat RD&E event calendar and past webinars are available to view via extensionAUS.com.au/chickenmeatrdande

To be notified about upcoming webinars, please register for AgriFutures Chicken Meat Program Updates.

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