Planting a plant

We are excited to launch of the AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award ‘Bud Program’, an initiative to support our 2020 State/Territory Winners and Finalists to progress their projects.

The ‘Bud Program’ is an informal mentoring program to give a guiding hand, inspire growth and link our 2020 cohort with Alumni who can help them along their journey. We asked the 2020 cohort to opt-in to this program, and asked interested participants what guidance they are looking for to help them deliver their project.

We have now connected members of our Alumni with our 2020 State/Territory Winners and Finalists, who are going to work together to develop their projects and form lasting connections within the Alumni.

Our 'Buds'

Karen Brock, 2020 TAS State Winner and Amanda Way, 2005 TAS State Winner

Amanda will be helping Karen with:

  • Managing different personalities in projects
  • Managing rapid business expansion.

Celia Leverton, 2020 TAS Finalist and Vera Fleming, 2007 VIC Finalist

Vera will be helping Celia with:

  • Attracting investors
  • Marketing and supporting systems.

Stephanie Schmidt, 2020 SA State Winner and Melissa Connors, 2018 VIC State Winner

Melissa will be helping Steph with:

  • Accountability
  • Help with clarity and maintaining focus.

Cara Peek, 2020 WA State Winner and Jeanette Long, 2004 SA State Winner

Jeanette will be helping Cara with:

  • Networks and contacts within agribusiness
  • Lobbying skills and networks that have lead to funding.

Lauren Bell, 2020 WA Finalist and Belinda Lay, 2019 WA State Winner

Belinda will be helping Lauren with:

  • Connecting to research/researchers
  • Networking in Government and lobbying for the insect industry.

Lucy Anderton, 2020 WA Finalist and Jeanette Gellard, 2001 SA State Winner

Jeanette will be helping Lucy with:

  • Starting a new business that requires providing support in a timely manner
  • Delivering messages with confidence and polish.

Kelly Barnes, 2020 VIC State Winner and Sarah Prime, 2015 National Winner

Sarah will be helping Kelly with:

  • Keeping on track and accountability
  • Program design and research.

Kerryn Wildenburg, 2020 VIC Finalist and Jo Palmer, 2019 National Winner

Jo will be helping Kerryn with:

  • Keeping on track and accountability
  • Brainstorming and growing her ideas.

Elisha Parker, 2020 QLD State Winner and Annette Reed, 2014 TAS State Winner

Annette will be helping Elisha with:

  • Strategies for saying no/balancing business
  • Prioritising different areas of business

Amy Kirke, 2020 NT Territory Winner and Alex Thomas, 2018 SA State Winner

Alex will be helping Amy with:

  • Contacts within the fisheries industry
  • The National RWA process.

Cressida Cains, 2020 NSW/ACT State/Territory Winner and Tanya Dupagne, 2017 National Winner

Tanya will be helping Cressida with:

  • Setting up a not for profit
  • Negotiating with stakeholders.

Tammy Galvin, 2020 NSW/ACT Finalist and Karen Brock, 2020 TAS State Winner

Karen will be helping Tammy with:

  • Initiating discussion with potential investors in farming enterprises
  • Working our cashflow when going it alone in farming.