A Prospective Study of Presale Radiographs of Thoroughbred Yearlings

  • 159 pages

  • Published: 12 Jul 2009

  • Author(s): Jackson, Melissa, et al

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This RIRDC report describes a detailed examination of the quality of radiographs submitted to the first year of radiographic repositories at yearling sales in Australia, the repeatability of their interpretation, the prevalence of orthopaedic lesions identified by radiography, and the relationship between the lesions identified and future performance. The economic return for an investment in a yearling after its first 2 years of racing is also examined.

Studies have shown that purchasing a yearling as a potential future racehorse is a high risk investment. Orthopaedic disease and musculoskeletal injuries are common causes of economic loss within the racing industry.

The effectiveness of a pre-purchase radiographic examination is limited by the quality of that examination and the experience of the person interpreting the radiographs.