AgriFutures Australia Research and Innovation Strategic Plan 2022-2027

  • 47 pages

  • Published: 22 Aug 2022

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-251-2

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There is no better time than now. Australian agriculture is primed and ready to take on the next five years with a strong sense of purpose, determination, and excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead.

The past five years, mixed with the weather extremes of drought, flood and fire, and the novel challenges of a global pandemic, have been a true test of our rural industries’ resilience, stamina, and willingness to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Future-proofing is a way of life and our rural industries have blossomed thanks to their foresight, and openness to trial new technologies and innovations, backed by the collaborative nature of the agricultural community, which inherently fosters creativity and development.

This AgriFutures Research and Innovation Strategic Plan embodies this positive mindset and, with our levy payers and industry partners, we’ve developed the AgriFutures 16:5:5 Roadmap.

We are confident that together we will achieve the priorities outlined in this Plan. We acknowledge that this won’t come without setbacks, but these lessons will only make us stronger and more vibrant. The true measure of success lies with our people – the lifeblood of our industries – and their capacity to grow, innovate and drive the productivity and sustainability of Australian agriculture, which we’re so proud to serve.