AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Program RD&E Plan 2023-2028

  • 44 pages

  • Published: 14 Sep 2023

  • Author(s): GHD Pty Ltd

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-401-1

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The AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Program invests in research, development and extension to support a thriving and collaborative Australian certified temperate pasture seeds industry. The Program focuses on certified seed of temperate pasture species, including lucerne, sub clover, other clovers, medics and serradella, and is supported by a statutory levy on certified seed sales in both domestic and export markets.

The gross value of production (GVP) of the certified temperate pasture seeds industry has remained relatively stable in recent years, at more than $40 million. Most Australian production is in South Australia, with production also occurring in Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria, with a large amount of uncertified seed production occurring in Western Australia.

For the pasture seeds industry to thrive in the long term, it is crucial to prioritise sustainable production systems and enhanced farm productivity. This must be achieved while addressing the challenges posed by climate variability and the need for a skilled workforce that can cope with the changing demands associated with adoption of technology in the industry. This AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Program RD&E Plan 2023-2028 (the Plan) places great emphasis on tackling these issues through advancements in agronomy, embracing technological innovations, fostering the growth of individuals within the industry and promoting collaboration throughout the value chain.

These challenges and opportunities were identified through consultation with certified seed growers, seed cleaners, commercial seed suppliers, grower organisation representatives, researchers, allied industry stakeholders and agronomy advisers, and were used to shape the development of the Plan. Engaging with a wide range of stakeholders has enabled the Program to develop a comprehensive and strategic approach to effectively driving RD&E activities. This Plan outlines the RD&E priorities and strategies of the Program for the next five years.

Program RD&E Plans play a vital role in the execution of AgriFutures Australia’s RD&E strategies and serve as the foundation for the organisation’s industry investments. These Plans identify the RD&E priorities and envisioned outcomes for the respective industry, ensuring a well-rounded approach that encompasses both productivity and sustainability objectives. By striking the right balance between these two aspects, AgriFutures Australia aims to make informed and impactful investments that address the diverse needs of industries while fostering long-term viability and environmental stewardship.

These Plans exist within AgriFutures Australia’s broader vision to grow the long-term prosperity of Australian rural industries. In partnership with our levied industries, of which the pasture seeds industry is one, we aim to create value by:

  1. Maximising the return on investment for your R&D levy
  2. Listening to, engaging, collaborating and consulting with our industries
  3. Delivering research and innovation that addresses the specific needs of each of our industries
  4. Supporting our industries to prepare for and thrive into the future
  5. Identifying, linking and testing new technologies, practices and innovations with the potential for our industries to uptake and adopt
  6. Assisting our industries to enhance their industry stewardship and build community and consumer confidence

To enhance the industry benefits, the AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Program will actively pursue integration with RD&E initiatives associated with the organisation’s other strategic focus areas. These areas include Emerging Industries, Workforce and Leadership, National Challenges and Opportunities, and Global Innovation Networks. By forging connections, the Program aims to foster collaboration across multiple fronts and deliver even greater value to the industry.