Artificial olfaction system for on-site odour measurement

  • 105 pages

  • Published: 4 Oct 2016

  • Author(s): Atzeni, Michael, Lobsey, Craig, Mayer, David, Parcsi, Gavin

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Odour impacts and concerns are an impediment to the growth of the Australian chicken meat industry. To manage these, the industry has to be able to demonstrate the efficacy of its odour reduction strategies scientifically and defensibly; however, it currently lacks reliable, cost effective and objective tools to do so. This report describes the development of an artificial olfaction system (AOS) to measure meat chicken farm odour. This report describes the market research undertaken to determine the demand for such a tool, the development and evaluation of three AOS prototypes, data analysis and odour prediction modelling, and the development of two complementary odour measurement tools, namely, a volatile organic compound (VOC) pre-concentrator and a field olfactometer.

This report is aimed at investors in poultry odour research and those charged with, or interested in, assessment of odour on chicken farms, including farm managers, integrators, their consultants, regulators and researchers. The findings will influence the focus of future environmental odour measurement research.