Bloodworm and earthworm control in rice

  • 59 pages

  • Published: 1 Dec 2000

  • Author(s): Stevens, M. M.

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The New South Wales rice industry produces over a million tonnes of paddy each year, all of which is
milled and packaged locally. The industry contributes over one billion dollars to the NSW economy
annually, and is heavily export-oriented. The rice growers of NSW, in partnership with RIRDC, are
committed to the ethic of sustainable agricultural production. Minimising the use and off-target
effects of pesticides is a key component of this philosophy.
This project focuses on two of the most significant invertebrate pests that impact on rice
establishment and subsequent crop yields. Bloodworms, the larvae of chironomid midges, attack the
newly-sown rice seed, whilst aquatic earthworms interact with the rice crop in a number of ways,
modifying soils structure and water quality in a way that prejudices successful plant establishment.